Monday, August 22, 2011

MS and Cerebral Vascular Disease... the match made in heaven!?

P.J. was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 after Eloise was born, what a shock! Good times and bad times have come of the diagnoses. He has body pain, fatigue and tremors. I now have Cerebral Vascular Disease or my strokes under my belt... what a neurological household!

Since the strokes, I have become less stressed with organization, time keeper, laundry, keeping money in order... basically everything an adult should be on top of. P.J. on the other hand has OCD with organization, money, basically anything that has order. This is difficult for us, I just don't care, and it does not bother me. Now, I need to fix my financial life, this I know has got out of control, but the laundry or a clean closet is not high on my list. The dishes do need to be done before I go to bed, I am constantly sweeping, "Swiffering" and

mopping my wood floors and wiping down my antique window sills, but I am just happy to be playing with Eloise, beading, knitting or watching TV other than laundry! I am not a messy person, but P.J.'s part of the bed room is very neat... I have heard forever that opposites attract.

I also do what the neurologist advises me to do, I take my drugs, don't drink alcohol (red wine is OK), soda occasionally, NO COFFEE (can you hear me crying!!!!),
I am liking caffeine free hot teamore all the time, no fast food (sometimes). I lack the exercise, but I am tired when I get home... so I need to put exercise put back into my life. P.J. smokes, he has cut back on Heineken and Banana Bread beer, eats whatever he wants and he looses the weight... God has a bad sense of humor.I love PJ very much... we have good days, wonderful days and days were we can't look at one another... I know I need to get on track with organization and budgeting (what's a budget!?), he is a great guy and I want us both to heal healthier. He is helping my budget correctly, thank goodness and encouraged me to clean my closet, which feels good now that it is done.I love to see PJ smile and laugh, I am in love with his dimples! This summer has also been great to sit in the yard and talk or play on our cell phones. I love watching Criminal Minds with him and he picks on the show as not being "real"and watching Breaking Bad is the the best!

Here's to a neurological future filled with happiness and new memories that I can remember!

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