Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Left V. Right

I was talking about my right brain today with a co-worker, I am very thankful that I had a left hemisphere stroke, not that I wanted to be a stroke survivor, but that I love that I am a right brain person! Your right  brain is in charge of imagination, being random, subjective and intuitive... it totally sums me up. I have really struggled learning to re-read, write and speak, not to mention that I still can't do any type of number problems or math... but the struggles were worth to be me still, the silly, immature, artsy Lori!

Sounds crazy, but I am proud to be a right brained learner... I love art, music, building, not following directions, laughing, dancing... I may never win a noble peace prize... but I warm my family and friend's hearts and that means the world to me!

With some internet research I found this helpful information and how my brain works!  I am thankful for the internet and how much I have learned through my recovery!

Right Brain Characteristics

Here are some of the basic characteristic traits associated with the right brain.

* Random! ... me
* Intuitive! ... me
* Holistic! ... me
* Synthesizing! ...me
* Subjective! ... me
* Let's not forget whimsical, hyper, disorganized and lead by my feelings!!

Left Brain Characteristics

Here are some of the basic characteristic traits associated with the left brain.

* Logical
* Sequential
* Rational
* Analytical
* Objective

As I read the below characteristics... it is like reading a book about me, I have discovered that I most likely bother left brain people!

Right and Left Brain Differences

* The right brain is intuitive, meaning it is led by feelings, while the left brain is analytical, meaning it is led by logical approach towards problems.

* Right brain tends to make lateral connection from the derived information, whereas left brain tends to make logical deductions from the derived information.

*The right brain is visual, stressing on music and pattern, while the left brain is verbal, stressing on words, numbers and symbols.

* Right brained people struggle with mathematical formulas and words to express themselves, while left brained people are very good at memorizing mathematical formulas and also express them pretty well.

* In people with right brain domination, organizational skills are very poor, on the other hand people with left brain domination are highly organized.

* People with right brain don't give attention to minute details, but people with left brain tend to focus on each and every minute detail and step taken.

* When given a task of assembling a particular thing, right brain people will start working promptly without reading the instructions, while left brained people will carefully go through the instructions and then start working.

* When people with right brain communicate, they tend to make many gestures with their hands, contrary to which left brain people hardly use gestures when communicating.

* Right brain is designed to listen to 'how' something is being said, while left brain is designed to listen to 'what' is being said.

* Although right brained people don't rationalize things they do have the tendency to question the rules, on the other hand left brained people never question rules, instead they readily accept them.People with dominant right brain have difficulty in prioritizing things which makes them execute things in hurry at the last moment, whereas people with dominant left brain are well versed with planning the future which makes them be prepared well in advance.

PJ is a left brain and I am a right brain... it is so seen! I love my left brain guy... organized, anal, details, makes plans... we all have mistakes! With practice, I can be a stronger balanced brain, PJ does try to show me, I just am stubborn... I will get it.


  1. Very impressed with your conclusive summary of right brain vs. left brain! Very well written and very easy to follow and understand! I think you have done an AMAZING job at hitting the key differences and love the design of your page! Keep being YOU because as it is apparent~ the YOU is pretty damn FANTASTIC! Love this blog! HUGS!~Silvia

  2. Thank you, thank you... everyday is a blessing now and hard work!

  3. Me too!!! I have several TIA and massive stroke on my front left lobe, and i love my head space now! I dont worry, i am happy all the time, i told my husband i do not want my left brain to start working againg, i am much happier now than before the stroke!