Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A reading nightmare...

Eloise (my 5 year old) is napping at my parent's house so I am going to do some reading. I am getting better reading to myself, but it is so hard to read out loud. I read to Eloise all the time, she does not notice how I read, but I used to be an awesome story telling when I taught preschool. I know it will get better, but this is challenging.

As an adult trainer, I would have the trainees take turns to read out loud, I will never do this again, I do not want to read aloud in from of my peers, someday.


  1. I just discovered your blog.

    Not being able to read to my son (9 year old) is one of the hard parts about having a stroke!

  2. Thank you for sharing Grace!

    It was a huge challenge to learn how to re-read, the blessing of this is that my 5 year old is now a reading champ!