Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Putting my Fingers to Work!

I learned how to knit an infinity scarf! (a cowl!)
It took some figuring out and how to cheat to do it, but I did it. It took about a week to complete.

I am ever so happy to be able to get my right hand and fingers to work together to do this.

I feel so good when I get my final products done... it is so satisfying!

I have just started working on Eloise's infinity scarf (or cowl) she said I can't make one for anyone else until she gets one! I love my sassy daughter! She picked out the ugliest colors of yarn, but she loved the colors!


  1. As an OT I didn't appreciate how small movements of the hemiplegic hand can be useful. I had to have a stroke to appreciate what you've done to make this scarf.