Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am open book, it is one of my weakness or my kryptonite. I keep nothing to myself and since the strokes... I word vomit even more!

So, here is what happened to me yesterday... I peed my pants again, YES, again!

At least I was coughing this time, not like the last time I did this and just peed for no reason! I am 39 years old, I am not 50, do I really need to start wearing a pad during the day so I do not pee when I cough or laugh like my mother! I am upset about this, it is not like I piddled myself, I full let my bladder go in my car... GROSS! I was driving home from work, so this is the only silver lining of the tragic story!

So, I am 39... I have survived 4 major strokes, I have a lovely/gimpy hand, wear an artistically altered medical bracelet, have the short term of a 90 year old, read on a 5th graders level and now have peed my pants 2 times within 6 months.... Oy Vey!

I am alive, here to care for my children, parents, boyfriend, pets, other family, work and have fun... while being a crazy pants peeing lady!


  1. I wear a pantiliner every day. I don't think about it so I guess I'm used to it.

  2. I'm having the opposite problem. I can't empty my bladder and I can't feel when its full. Only now figuring it out since I've had several utis recently. Ughh...the adjustments we make. :)