Saturday, October 22, 2011

11 Months Ago...

I had a stroke 11 months ago! 11 months ago, I did not know how to use my phone to call my doctor, I could not complete a sentence,  I could not use my right hand at all!  I have been through a lot in these 11 months, but I kicked butt and grew.  Once I was in the hospital I learned I could not write my name... how scary! I was a college educated 38 year old and could not write my name, I could not spell it!!!!!

I have climbed a rough ass mountain and I am not over it yet, but I will continue to climb!!!!


  1. Keep climbing that mountain! (Great picture choice.)

    You have come a very long way in the 11 months!

  2. Being stubborn can be very helpful after a stroke.