Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oops! I peed my pants!

This is so super embarrassing, but I am sharing it!

I was in a CVS yesterday near my employment, I needed to buy peppermints for a work project, I bent down to grab two bags, stood up and peed my pants! I did not feel like I had to go, and it was not a little piddle of urine... I pissed my pants, full on, Niagara Falls amount of urine!  I filled my Crocs ( I was not wearing socks) and the carpet in CVS was soaked... At first I thought I opened the gates of a hell period, NO! I also knew I did not break my water, I am not preggo! I peed my pants, in a CVS!

I slowly walked to the cashier, of course some dummy was there trying to get a money order and  paying for it with singles and change... as I stood there with wet pants like a toddler or 90 year old lady! It seemed like it took 30 minutes to check out!

Thank Buddha I had on black cropped Yoga pants, it seemed to just run down the leg.  I had to go back to work, so I went right to the restroom, threw my soiled panties away and washed my self the best I could, since I was unable to go home.

Once again, I PISSED my pants!

I am 39 years old, I have had 4 major strokes, starting menopause (hot flashes are terrible!) and now I pee my pants whenever, I did not even have any notice, I wasn't laughing coughing, sneezing, it just happened!  I hope to be a rocking 70 year old, since I am going through all these older lady problems now!  What's next a prolapsed uterus, that can't happen, praise Jesus, because my uterus has been cauterized, singed, burnt to a crisp! I could not get a hysterectomy, it was too invasive after the strokes, so I had an emblasion.

Do I need to wear Depends, I think not, but what if this happens again!?  Have I lost bladder control at 39!? I am going to do more kegel exercises... I cry bullshit to all of this!

All of this makes me think of this Saturday Night Live commercial. I guess I know how to laugh at myself!

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  1. are my inspiration. for you to be able to share this with the world makes me see the things going on with me are not so bad! i love you girl! you absolutly rock! i love you! shan