Tuesday, November 8, 2011

D - U - M - B

I did not know to title this post, so I went with the obvious.  It is dumb!

I think we all need to ban "famous" people that are only "famous" for being "famous"... I usually do not that the energy to lift a magazine with Kim Kardashin's face on it, I do not want to "Keep Up" with her either.  What a waste of 10 million dollars, so many organizations could use 10 million dollars, and they would not spend it on flowers, dresses and liquor!  I think she a sick plastic person, she does not exercise, she gets plastic surgery, she marries a man and laughs at the union... does she have anything to share with this world that is positive... I never want my daughter to look up to her! At least her buddy Paris Hilton tried acting and made an album, which took effort.  Nicole Richie is married and is being a mom... what do these plastic Kardashins do beside turn Bruce Jenner into a plastic man that does not look like Bruce Jenner, but a female going through a gender change. Also, having big plastic boobs and an ass is not a talent - you bought them! I like my big droopy boobs and wide ass... they were free!

I do not watch these reality shows, I do enjoy Project Runway, these folks have a skill and are trying to get into their industry, it is corny, yes, but I would love to sew like them.  I also enjoy American Idol, I can't look away from it, but these young people also work hard at what they do, whether they are good or not, they still take pride in their art.

Now, I just found out the Duggar family is expecting another child, 20 children, really... she is like the crazy cat lady but with children.  I think she is a selfish person.  What is she gets ill, or her husband... that is a lot of children to care for while ill.  I am a working mother with just 2 children, plus my stepchildren = 5, she is a stay at home mother... crazy bird!

I want to see a reality show about a person who had a stroke and all the hard work it takes to rehab themselves... a cancer patient, what do they go through... maybe the Kardashin's could help them pay their bills.

I just think we should all ban these non-talented folks... I do not what their shows or buy their magazines... YUK!

Carry on my survivors and leave a lasting impression on everyone you met!

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