Monday, January 9, 2012

HELP ME!!!!!

Today is January 9, 2012 and I want to pull my hair out.  I miss the warmer weather and I miss the sun!  Eloise is driving my insane! She has a lot of energy and it very difficult to have her housed in without taking bike rides and trips to the park to rrrruuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn around!

Tonight we have played dominoes, colored, made frozen pizzas and played with her troll dolls and it is only 6:53 PM.  We made necklaces, she loves anything art and I love art which it great, but if I could have only had her make the necklace on a tread mill!

I do not know if I can do this all winter... I need an outlet for her energy in our small house! I am tired, her dad is hiding in the bedroom and TK is up in his room... I wish we had running room in the house.  She needs a runner like a dog!

We play doll house, Barbies, computer games, art EVERYTHING, cook, play board games... all the time and she just needs fresh air and she needs to release her energy!  I love her energy, but this is challenging, I may have to start jogging with her!

I have to think of what I did with her last winter while I was home on sick leave. If I did it last year while rehabbing from a stroke, I can figure out how to release her energy this winter... I am MOM, hear me ROAR!


  1. I'm sorry I can't help you, but I can somewhat relate. Jack is a 3year old WILD BOY!! He has way more energy than me and he never runs out. I often wonder how we survive. :) I feel like its Survivor: stroke edition. I'm pushed to my maximum daily...its really hard, but lucky for me...I live in Los Angeles and the weather has been beautiful. Sometimes, I still don't have the energy to get him out, but I try almost everyday. Could you or someone else bring her to the mall or some sort of indoor playground? I'm sorry, hang in there.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I am jealous for your weather. I love being outdoors. My daughter has been my biggest push in recovery, since I had to keep up with her. Eloise and her dad love to ride bikes, but it is tough now, but we do all go to the park on chilly days... spring will be here, I need to get creative. I have a great support system, just she was amped up yesterday!