Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Odd Toughts

With this recovery and memory loss, I have the most unusual thoughts, revelations or memories so to speak.  I have a great long term memory, it is the day to day stuff that I struggle with.  Even with all the practice, note taking and memory games... I still make many silly blunders a day.

I have the oddest memories lately, like thinking about Love's Baby Soft perfume, it was so stinky, yet every 10 year old girl wore it! Stretch Octopus, the octopus that was very much like the Stretch Armstrong doll... I quickly broke mine and tried switching mine with my brother's, but he did not want the pink one, he liked his  blue octopus without a hole in it!

I think of crazy foods that I had a long time ago, like Creamed Chipped Beef or French Onion soup that I had at a restaurant about 10 years ago!

Thoughts are crazy... I like this crazy train I am on of recovery... my brain is amazing!

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