Monday, June 11, 2012

All in the Family

I have said before that my father had a major stroke at the young age of 38 and I followed in his footsteps with having a major stroke at the young age of 38.

My son, TK is a big young man for the age of 18, he is 6'6" and weights a bit over 300 lbs and he LOVES, loves, loves to eat!   TK in the past has juggles 3 - 4 sports at a time, baseball, basketball, track and his first love... football.  He is a very active guy and he will play college football next year... yippy and he was always had great blood pressure... until... he went for his college football physical.  He had elevated blood pressure and a funky key-tone level in his kidneys.  So, he is going to see a kidney specialist a 2 weeks and the doctor put him on Lisinopril, which I also take.

As said above, he has always had great blood pressure, but since turning 18 and having more freedom, he eats very poorly, like an 18 year old... fast food, hot-dogs oodles of noodles, double cheeseburgers, soda, BIG bags of chips (just for him) and super processed food.  He always eats my food I make (I tend to do no processed foods anymore and make low sodium food), but this is what he eats on his own.

Now, about two times a month he would enjoy 40 "Mc"Nuggets... 4,10 piece "Mc"Nuggets... I figured it out... it comes to 5600 ml of sodium... the average Joe of a person should have about 1200 ml of sodium a day.  The doctor told me the high pressure is due to his bad diet and the pressure will probably lower after a low sodium diet, the main concern is the kidney check.  He has him on the medication just because of the football camps he will be participating in this summer and the Bigg 33 Classic he is playing in this weekend in Hersey PA.

Well, he has been doing well for the past week and cut out all the crap from his daily income of nourishment. He has already lost weight... I work hard at not eating crappy food and I am the chubby queen! I am proud of him and the work he is putting into lower this blood pressure!

He is now worried, since my dad and I both have had strokes at young ages, but he wants to turn his health around!

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