Monday, June 11, 2012

Going Strong... Neurologist Check Up!

I went to my neurologist to get my yearly check-up, even though I waited a little longer than a year.  The doctor said I am doing very well.  My right hand is stronger, yet it is about 75% what it used to be and he told me that it will most likely be this way always, which I am cool with, I can pull up my pants, do dishes, carry a purse or shopping bags and I am getting a little better t folding laundry... but I still lack control, direction and strength, but I am so happy to be able to pull up my pants, which I could not do 22 months ago!  The right side of my face is still numb, I am getting better at holding in the drool, so a plus in my mind!

He was happy with my reading and writing level, I told him I was still blogging, which helps with these skills and that I finished The Hunger Games, my most adult fiction book yet and I have started the 2nd one in the series.

We talked about me needing a ton of sleep, but had no issues with that, he said I now need it, my body knows what it needs.

I am still hating my weight, although I like to know say I am past this... but he said I still need to take the Citalopram, but to be perfectly honest, I like being less anxious and chubby because of this.

He told me the Plavix is working and doing a great job, my blood pressure was great (on the medicine, but good anyways!).

Had a cat-scan, no results yet... Glad I did not need a MRI, can"t stand those!

I am happy to be a stroke survivor and even happier to be able to tell my story to others... I can type, a little slower than usual, talk, a little slower than before and can walk, yet a little slower than before... but I like me... all of these give me character!

So, I guess no news is good news concerning my check-up!

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