Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have always been a hyper, slightly immature, loud personality, with a limited filter. Since the strokes, I have lost my filter completely and I know have to touch everything.

Who knows what may come out of my mouth... if it is thought in my mind, it just pops out my mouth and I am a huge interrupter! I need to say what I am thinking or I will forget it! It is a huge nuisance in meetings, church, social or sporting events or family dinner. I can write down what I want to say, but it is never the same, so I have been working on this self control for about 2 years... my co-workers will say they see a bit of improvement!

Now my tactile senses are a different story. I have never been a tactile person. I never fancied a certain fabric or had a security blanket with the satin edges... but now... I need to tough everything and consumes me! If someone has an applique on their shirt, blouse, dress... I need to touch it... if someone is wearing some funky jewelry, I need to touch it and can't move on until I do! Everyone at my work have learned to come to my desk in the morning and get the ritual out of the way! Now it is not as bad as I am making this out to be... I am poking fun at my self... but I have been at an restaurant and just need to touch a woman's earrings... that goodness I have boundaries I remind myself or or have loved ones to keep me from these people!

I am a mess in stores, I touch everything... fabrics, jewelry, tassels, felt, glass, beads, toys, shoes... it is sad! And I teach my six year old not to touch in stores! Well, I know how nutty I am and I am trying to keep my hands in my pockets and never lift anything breakable with my gimpy left hand! I am happy to still be here on this awesome planet to be able to bother co-works and my family and touch everything in the store... my glass is half full!

The best thing to come from me and my touchiness is that I leave other's food alone!!!! But I love fun food more than ever... But I will never dip my finger in your spaghetti!

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