Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drama in the trauma...

As I am sitting in the emergency room of Kaiser in Parma, I had a female and male nurse caring for me... the female was a lovely older lady and the male was a bald brash man in his late 30's... I was already told I had a stroke and was waiting on the ambulance to arrive to take me to Parma hospital (which I was already nervous not just being ill, but never had experienced Parma Hospital or Kaiser, I just recently changed to Kaiser... to save money-I am never ill!) T.K. was on the phone in the lobby and the male nurse came in my room and was telling me that I was too young for a major stroke, OK, I know that. Then he went on to tell me that I need to take care of myself and I am being selfish to my children by having these health issues at a young age... I know I do not have the ideal body weight and I let stress get to me... but come on, what a dick! I started to cry! Here I am in the ER of a strange hospital, can't move my right hand, dumb as a rock, can't get a sentence out of my mouth, don't know how to use my phone and this guy is NOT a nice nurse... he left as I was still crying, well the lovely lady nurse came back saw me crying, she also heard what the meanest nurse in the world said, so she leaned over and told me that all the other nurses thought he was an ASSHOLE! That made me feel better!

What actually made me feel better, besides the nice nurse, was the 2 EMT guys with tattoos... TK was laughing at me because I could not complete sentences and as they would ask me questions, TK would finish my gibberish replies! He had to follow the drivers to Parma hospital, Parma is not an area well known by TK, so the drivers drove slow.

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