Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Paw

My right hand, how do I count all the ways you have challenged me!? When I went to the hospital my right hand would not work after my stroke, I could not use it to eat, brush my hair or use my phone, the PLUS was that I am left handed! I could not pull my pants down or up easily and even peed on myself and had to ask a nurse for new pants!

Thanks to Sue, my Occupational Therapist, I can now move my fingers, make a fist, hold things and slowly flip the "bird". It was a long and painful journey, but I have movement back 80%, which this may be the best and I will take that, it is better than peeing on myself!

I do still drop things often and my hand has no sense of direction, but I am learning and getting stronger everyday!

My darling brother made my a special cutting board for Christmas, since I have a problem cutting fruits and veggies... I LOVE it!

My thumb is still numb and my hand bugs me, but it kind of works and kind of makes me giggle when it does not cooperate.

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