Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Pop

This is my Dad, he is 66 years old and had is first of 7 strokes when he was 38, just like me... THANKS Pop! He can a big crab, but he is a fighter, he also has cancer and has missing digits. In this photo he is visiting me while in the ICU, I never want to be in the ICU ever again... CODE BLUE is a scary thing to hear a few times a day. While in the ICU I had a IV drip to lower my blood pressure, then I was able to go to the ICU Step down. He is actually sitting on my toilet in my room, it came out of a cabinet, no privacy... it was horrible!

Dad is now retired and assists watching my daughter Eloise while I work and is my son's biggest fan watching him play football.

Dad had brain surgery, my
neurologist wanted me to have brain surgery, but right now we are trying the Plavix.

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