Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sense of Humor

I am very, very VERY thankful that I have a twisted sense of humor or I do not think I would have survived this brain stroke business.... I have had been diagnosed with Cerebral Vascular Disease, Left-Hemishere Stroke, Anemia, Menorrhagia (which is not fun with anemia!), Benign Hypertension and my favorite Obesity, really, I am chunky, but OBESE... reading that on my Kaiser e-Chart really hurt... I take Plavix (such a fun pill), Lisinopril, Citalpram, Lovastatin, Iron and multi-vitamins... I can't drink coffee, Diet Pespi (which adore), drink alcohol (so sad, yes I know!), eat anything greasy, fattening or comes in a bag and stay out of the sun or I turn purple... so, once again, I bless anyone upstairs that wants to listen... THANK YOU for my twisted sense of humor!

Not only do I have the attention of an 18 month old, but I have the bowels of a 90 year old, I need to nap, I need to be in bed before 9:30, thank goodness for my DVR, I can not finish an episode of Criminal Minds before falling asleep like Maude at the community retirement home!

I am enjoying not having aphasia a much as I did, this was my biggest challenge, I am a talker and I could not get anything out of my mouth, my head knew I wanted to say, I just could not get the words out of my mouth, I do know some of my family members enjoyed this, mainly my boyfriend and my dad, they both think I talk too much! I still have a language stop or stutter, but it is an improvement by leaps and bounds! I still miss singing, belting out the Go-Gos or Joan Jett in my car, now I still through the stutter!

One of my medicines is making me chubbier, but at least I can kiss my family, children and boyfriend everyday chubby instead of dead! Excerise would help, just too tired after work... I will get this weight off, the healthier eating is great for me!

I really like the chunky, stuttering, short memory span self and that's all that matters!

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