Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loving my Kindle

So... I had my strokes in November, 9 months ago. As I was sitting in ICU Step Down, I still thought I was OK and the major stokes I suffered where just a high blood pressure. I did know I was still struggling with my phone and numbers, but when a speech therapist came to my room, I was blown away. She asked me to white my name, no problem, it's my name, I have written it since I was 4 or 5, it is also written on my ID bracelet... here I go L........ that's all I had, I could not spell my name, my name, I could not spell my name, even while looking at my ID bracelet, reading it, I could not spell my name! I started to cry! I also discovered I could not read, at least the boring paragraph about the Civil War she had me try to read, I was angry with this therapist, this English as a second language therapist... what did she do to me! I felt that I was fine until she came into my life! I discovered with Binji, that I could not comprehend what I read, I was OK reading the hospital menu or Face Book on my phone. I was so frustrated. I had to practice writing my name over and over again, I had to memorize address again, my phone number, all my life's information! I had to relearn how to use my phone, how to tell time, non-digital clocks were the worst, it took me two months to tell time quickly on these clocks.

Here is why I love my Kindle and my brother for getting it for me for my 39th birthday. I had to start reading Dr, Seuss books, then I moved up to Eric Carle books, then 2nd grade chapter books, then I moved up to The Diary of a Wimpy Kid... I did go to the library first to get an Anne Rice book, I am not a leisure reader AT ALL... so I tried this "grown up" book first, well, I could not read it... so, I started at the beginning, and what a fun reading experience it has been! Eloise, my 5 year old is a reading champ and I am growing as a better reader all the time! I have never read so much in the past 9 months, I really dislike to read for fun... but I use Face Book to read and write, Scrabble, playing many other board games, Mancala, starting this Blog... but the best was my Kindle... what a fun way to surround my self with books! I love it! It is still difficult not to read "grown up" fiction, but I am finding more "adolescent" fiction to enjoy. I am currently reading James Patterson's Maxium Rider series and I like it. Day by day I am learning more about my self and surprised as what I can do!

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