Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who likes laundry!

So, I have lost almost all my organization skills since the stokes... the only one that thinks I have not is T.K., he thinks it is OK to leave shoes anywhere, leave your clothes in the dryer and throw wrappers behind the TV or under couch cushions. I really struggle with laundry, I am just too tried to do it when I get home from work, a nap would be nice, but I make dinner and usually go to the park with Eloise (to have her energy would awesome!). Yesterday I finally cleaned out my closet, I got rid of nine bags of clothes that did not fit or were from 1999 and did 8 loads of laundry... I am excited to wear my shoes again, I could only find 2 pair lately in my cluttered closet! It took me all day, cut two of my fingers, bruised my knee and did something to my right shoulder, but I am done... I need to start doing small loads at a time, P.J. and T.K. do their own laundry, but I need to change this lazy laundry routine of mine! I conquered my closet and won, I slept so well last night!

On the plus side, I may have sweated away a few pounds, my room and closet were soooooooo hot!

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