Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventure in Mt. Union

The trip to the University of Mt. Union went well and I surprised myself and really noticed my success of the work I have done in my recovery! It may be that I have not been on one of these college visits since late June or it I really am getting better.  I was comfortable answering questions from the staff and I was actually asking questions!  T.K. felt happy with too and he too noticed I was more relaxed.

T.K., Collin, Jake and Dontez at Mt. Union

The other boys had fun as well, it was a great campus, they put education before athletics and are very family friendly.  T.K. found the biggest down fall is that Mt. Union is a D-3 school and can not offer a full scholarship, but I told him we can always make things work... I have a school loan and he will have to have one too, just not as large, a D-3 school can offer part scholarships.

I am so proud of T.K. and love watching him getting excited about college... another PLUS is that Mt. Union offers a Physical Therapy program!

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