Saturday, September 17, 2011

College Visits...

Today I am taking T.K. and two pals to University of  Mt. Union in Ohio and Ashland University next weekend for football recruiting. In the spring and summer, we went to The University of Toledo, Bowling Green, Ohio State University, Notre Dame of Ohio, Younstown, Cincy, Kent State, back to Bowling Green, back to Notre Dame... it has been a ride! He had already been offered a full ride to Notre Dame of Ohio, he wants a bigger school, but it is an offer for a free education!  I have had ups and downs with these visits, I get tired and I lose my attention very easily.  I bring a notebook with me to take notes and I make sure to stress the education he will get at these schools... It is pretty awesome to see these coaches make a fuss about my son!  I get a little overwhelmed, mainly at the college games, the Spring games over the summer were not as crowded, so I stay close to T.K.. This is such an exciting experience in his life and I sometimes feel I am letting him down by my understand level, my Dad does come to most of these visits with us or other parents of the team, I am very thankful for all of them! I am going solo today wit the three boys and a little nervous! I get nervous about saying something dumb... I have lost my filter and just vomit my thoughts out of my mouth now! Last spring at Toledo, it was freezing outside and raining... I have never been so cold and wet! I said, "let's go... I am so cold!"... T.K. was like, "This is so important!"... I could not believe I said that out loud! I really get frustrated with my post stroke brain!

T.K. at OSU in the press box after a game!

So, I am hoping for a great day today... I am ready for a new day, a new challenge and hope I do not say anything to embarrass T.K.!

... at Notre Name of Ohio!

I am so super proud of T.K. and so hope he gets a scholarship to play football at a college that fits him!

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