Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heroes in my Recovery!

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child... well; it is taking North Eastern and Central Ohio to help this lady through recovery!

I have so many people to thank, I can even touch on the love, support and challenges my mom has been there for me... I can't thank and bless her enough! My dad is there to remind me that I want to heal and I do not want any more Strokes, he had more than me! T.K. is a regular young man with a stroke survivor mom and I know I can cause him stress and embarrass him, but he has been a trooper and the hero that got me safely to the hospital!  Eloise is a wonderful 5 year old who is helping me read again! P.J. is there as a person with a disability too and we learn from one another, we are both stubborn, but I am learning give and take with him and learning that I want to fully heal (someday!). 

My co-workers and supervisors and Starting Point have been angels on my shoulders... Julie is my rock, Cindy is my natural healer and Gloria is there for me always, with these three, I could recovery correctly, knowing that my job was there when I was ready to come back!  I have so many co-workers that help me with my recovery and I have reinforced them on taking their prescriptions daily!  My speech got bad once I went back to work... it was tough, my "Strokeaniese" is improving, but I still have daily speech exercises to do.

My OCCRRA folks in Columbus are always here for me support, I had my first stroke with them in Columbus, and not even knowing what was happening to me, their showers of cards and phone calls made me feel human! Alycia and Lynne were always there for me with all my crazy questions when I got back on the saddle at work!

I have the Strokes Suck social group on Facebook... what a wonderful and understanding group of people who are always to ask me about my day and my struggles; they remind me that there are others out there recovery like me! I can always count on them for an understanding shoulder to cry on!

I am not even discussing my medical team, who would think that at 38-39 years old you would need a medical team, Ken, my neurologist-assistant, Sue, my therapist, the many nurses and doctors at Kaiser and Parma hospital...

I have so many people and agencies that have made it possible for me to lead a positive life through my recovery! And most of you know what a brat, bitch, snot and monster I have been through this journey!

I love each and every one of you!

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