Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love bread!

So... when I went to the hospital for my hyper extended pinkie finger, I was telling the nurse that I am unhappy with the weight I am gaining.  I have cut out soda, except for a Diet Pepsi every once and a while, no alcohol, no fast food, NO COFFEE... I try to make my food at home; my down falls are now loving hot wings and bread. The nurse has a dietician come in to talk to me, I was so embarrassed, not only did I fall on a box and hurt myself, but now a professional is here to talk to me about being fat!

Here is what when down... I can have little to NO bread... OUCH! I can drink only water, tea and the occasional glass of red wine, can have all the fruit and veggies I want, little to none dairy and VIGOROUS exercise for 30 minutes a day... OK, OK, I know all of this, but hearing it from a professional just really hurt! I miss the day when I could eat anything and be cute and thin! Life is not fair, PJ eats snacks every night, goes for cupcakes after 8PM, but gives up beer; he loses over 20 pounds like that! I am winey, I love my bread... but I can do this, I do not want to be the brain damaged fat 39 year old; I want to be the recovering brain damaged 39 year old!

I am writing about my look on life, so my health and weight are a big part of my life, so I am ready for this challenge!

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