Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bit the Dust!

OUCH! I fell in the copy room while moving paper boxes! I was trying to load the copy machine!

My feet went out and I flew like Superman into the box, by face hit the corner of the box and my pinky finger went all the way backwards! My face hurt more than my finger, which instantly swelled, because I do not have much feeling or movement in my right hand since the stroke.

I looked around just after I fell... to make sure no one was in the room to see... I was so embarrassed and I was by myself!

Many of co-workers are overprotective since I have returned to work, I can't put the water jugs on the water coolers, take the stairs by myself... I know that they care, but I get frustrated at times and I want to recover 100%, I am at about 80% now, at least I think so! My speech is pretty good, a little slow, but much better than my speech in the Spring! (I am not talking Strokeaniese as much) My hand has good days and bad days, I would love to feel the right side of my face, mainly my mouth... someday!

Check out my "sausage" fingers! Hard to tell the swollen finger with my chubby digits!

I am such a dork and feel so silly falling.  My pinky is still swollen, I can move it... and the scratch on my face looks much better since I iced it!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you are not hurt too bad.
    I bet the grounding downtime at the desk was a good break for at least a little while.