Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a WEE Stressed today...

If you ever had a stroke, which I pray none of you have one, but you would know how POWERFUL your brain and thought process is!  I take planning everyday seriously, I can't always go with the flow of the day, if I have a football game to go to, a doctor's appointment, a long trip, a meeting, a party, dinner or a training.  I love my job and I love doing my school age trainings, they are hands on and I think my trainees like me, they may walk into the classroom sluggish and not wanting to be there, but they leave smiling, I am a goofy individual and have a passion for school age programs!

Well, it takes planning and concentration for me to now plan trainings, I have a Literature and Reading training planned this Friday, a Global Literacy training next Tuesday and a Health and Safety training next Friday, life is good... until a co-worker asked me to do her training tomorrow because she could not do it, well, I now know how to say the word... NO, but I am the only other person trained to do it, besides someone who would have to drive awhile to get here and I am pretty darn nice.

Now that I am looking over my notes, I am starting to panic! I am breathing and looking over my notes, but this particular training has a lot of handouts and activities and I have never done it for a live audience before.

I was planning to prepare this Friday's training today, but I now have work to do and I know I can do it, but I am getting tired just thinking about all the work.  I need challenges, but was not expecting this one this week... I hope my co-worker knows how difficult this is for me, but I will not tell her, you all know I am a Superstar!
PS... The co-worker that I am so gracefully helping out, can stop singing the same song over and over again before I do stress out to the max!

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