Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love my Quirky self!

You all know I am nutty and I know I am very nutty, I march to my own music and like it, but some may not... I can't please everyone all of the time! I have been working on my confidence, it is improving and I am not letting the judgey judgers get me so down.

I’m a believer that everyone has something to offer and our quirks are all part of our charm. One of the delights of my life is connecting with others and I am liking more and more meeting new people and learning a fresh new approach to life and friendship. Having strokes really puts some things in a different order of importance.

So I "assume" these folks enjoy meeting me too.

It’s okay to assume the best wherever you go, (I am in pessimistic recovery also). Most people want to meet you and enjoy your company... if only you would introduce yourself. Most people want you to succeed in life and will offer the most amazing support to get there – if only you would ask. Expect that life will work out well, because, really... it’s supposed to. Life is mostly on your side, even if it doesn’t feel that way all the time. Sometimes the good bits are at the very bottom of the bowl... (under the brussel sprouts).

Of course, if you put yourself out there, it’s not going to work out sometimes (it sucks when this happens). You are going to say the wrong thing (I do all the time!), wear the wrong outfit (most days!), not get the joke... I’m absolutely sure of that – I never get the joke, mainly after the strokes, I’m telling you. I don’t know if it’s because I’m basically completely naive, immune to innuendo or just completely lacking in sophistication, but I never get the joke.

This is why I find myself so funny... There will be judgey judgers along the way, I’m absolutely sure of. I am certain that there is a section of the public who would take one look at me in my thrown-together clothes, messy hair, no makeup and distinct lack of labels and instantly judge me as being ‘lesser’. They give me snobby ‘look at her’ looks and turn their noses up.

But, don’t worry, I’m on to what they are thinking...

They’re really just jealous that I don’t care. They wish they didn’t care either. Anyone in their right mind would be happy not having to spend a boring hour a day blow drying their hair; wouldn’t mind finding 27 better uses for $2,000 than buying a single handbag; wants to stop never eating anything good just to fit a size 6; and, of course, is far too intelligent to ever judge others on their appearance alone.

See, they’re jealous. It’s the only sane explanation as to why they look me up and down like that.

It’s true, if you just trust your instinct to get out there and connect (can be scary out of your box), you’re brain will eventually stop telling you you can’t do something and start telling you you can. In time you won’t even notice the judgey judgers, I think they can go f*$@ themselves, you’ll be so busy concentrating on all the delightful, quirky, totally-themselves other people you’ll be meeting.

Oh, have confidence in you being you. Everyone else does!

What do you think the secret to confidence really is?

Why are some folks full of the stuff and others so unsure?

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