Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Parent of an ADULT!

On Monday, September 12th, Tyler Kelsey (T.K.) Burk turned 18! How did this happen, when did my baby boy, my sweet mama's boy get to be 18 in front of my eyes, I am taking this pretty bad, I am sad!

Sounds crazy that I am sad, but I just love this guy, we have been through thick and thin, mostly just the two of us! He and P.J. can have conflict at times (my protective boy!) and I believe he liked being an only child (although he used to beg for a little brother and got Eloise!) But we are a family and are learning to communicate.

All grown up... so proud of my son!

My Little Guy... always a fan of food!

T.K. drove me to the hospital when I finally went to the hospital for my stroke... in my head, it was still just the Xanax! He stayed by my side for about 2 days, listening to the doctors and even staying all night in a very uncomfortable chair, listening to my "neighbor" asking for Jesus to take her up to heaven and calling out for help... she would also count all night too, neither one of us got any sleep that night!

If I am this upset with him turning 18, what will happen when he goes off to college next fall... oh Lordy, I will be a hot mess!

I am 39, have had 4 major strokes, going through "the change", loosing my bladder control and have an 18 year old son, not all in my original plan, but this plan is pretty good too, I have an awesome son and daughter, a fabulous supportive family, a great boyfriend with "living in sin" step children who make me giggle (of course P.J. and I have problems, but doesn't!), two crazy cats, a fun job that lets me use my imagination and helps pay the bills and I am alive... I love my backup plan... who needs their original plan!

I learned yesterday that T.K. has a homecoming date already and he has been nominated for homecoming king... that's my handsome boy, I am so proud of him... ( I won't get into his lazy, messy ways today)!!!!

I love you T.K.!

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