Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tired of being a Chunky Monkey!

I have struggled with weight most of my life... it sucks, I see so many women that can eat whatever they want and are a size 10 or less, me, I look at a cookie and I gain a pound.  I have gained more weight since my stroke, I know that I use the excuse that the Citalopram has me gaining weight, which it may be the case, but I am not exercising! I am not eating fast food and sweets, no sweets at my desk, but I now eat meat... it must be the lack of exercise.  PJ got me a 3 month free certificate for Curves, have I went... NO, I find Curves boring... he also said we can sign up for the Y, but has not done this yet, I love to swim and I am hoping for this membership, they have a play room for Eloise too! 

I recently saw photos of me taking at a training in Columbus, I looked like a hippo, I actually cried... so I am taking action!  I will take the stairs at work and walk at lunch... I have bought fresh food in the fridge to make dinner, not going out... and I need to go check out Curves, maybe we can join the Y after I try Curves, I am just so down on myself with this weight gain, I feel and look horrible and can't go on like this!

Today, I have already taken the stairs twice, had cantaloupe for breakfast and have drank 24 ounces of water... it is a start!

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