Monday, October 3, 2011

A King to Me!

Well, my son T.K. was not the Homecoming king, but he is on the court and very happy with that!  He looked so handsome on the football field, I think the girls get let down more than the boys.

At the Homecoming parade, T.K. and his court partner, Lacy, were squeezed into a Chevy Volt, he looked like he was in a clown car and no one could even see Lacy, glad she is a girl with a good sense of humor!

T.K. tool a girl named Lia to the dance, she is a lovely girl and I met her very kind family!

We went to another girl's HUGE home for photo opportunities, there were about 30 couples of teens and their families in the house... I was feeling very overwhelmed, I kept it together for T.K. and stayed until the other parents left.

He had a wonderful night and I can happily say, Lia is now is girlfriend! I love you T.K.!

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