Monday, October 3, 2011

Sick! *sniff... sniff*

Wonderful! This special weekend Homecoming... T.K. is up for king, he has a date for the dance, going to a football game on Friday, both of the kids are in the Homecoming parade... and I get a COLD! Although, this is the first time I have a cold since I was strokalicious in November... almost a year, not too shaggy.

What really sucks is that I can not take a cold pill... I used my neti pot a few times, but this is a quick fix.  I pumped myself with orange juice, vitamin C, water and hot tea... Hall's honey cough drops were my best friend!

It rained ALL weekend, it rained during Friday night's football game (the Shoremen won!), it rained the Homecoming parade (Eloise loved being on her school's float!), it rained while taking Homecoming dance photos... it was a terrible rainy time to get sick!

I slept all day on Sunday, it felt good, I am not good at resting, probably why I had a stroke!  It is day 5 of this darn cold, so an end has to be near... I made homemade chicken soup to kick start the end of the cold!

Here's to a healthy cold season to you all!

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