Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Met God in Walmart!

Yes! That is what I said! I met God in Walmart yesterday! I was there looking for an inferred thermometer... crazy I know, I am a training that needs one of these, anyway, while in the handy isle looking for the thermometer an older gentlemen was looking at an indoor/outdoor thermometer... he asked me if I knew anything about these.  I said, no, but that my parents use them and like theirs. He was confused on how the outside sensor would not blow away and he could not open the package to look at it, I helped him and it was hard with my bum hand... he told name it looked like there was nothing wrong with my hand!

We looked at every part of the thermometer and he talked to me about life while doing it,  He was very kind and insightful and smelled very good for a 70 year old man.  He never mentioned a wife or anything about him, he was just curious about me and how this product worked.  He made a few jokes about his lack of technology and me having a stroke at such a young age... my hand was doing wonderful and I need to let the little things go.

I left my new friend about after 15 minutes of conversing and problem solving about the thermometer (which he wanted to buy!)... I turned back to tell him to have a great night and the old guy was gone... I am telling you, God visited me in Walmart and He thinks I am doing well.  You may think I am crazy, maybe he was just a lonely older man... but I felt inspired with our passing ... I believe God stops by to check on us, and checked in on me yesterday... at Avon's Walmart.

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  1. I was thrilled the first time someone in a store asked me for help. Apparently I look approachable and competent. Before my stroke I would have rushed through the small burst of happiness you described.