Monday, October 24, 2011

Sinus Infection... yuk!

I finally went to the doctor; my nasty cold took a turn for the worst and is now a sinus infection! I cannot breathe... breathing is a nice thing to do! I am still achy, headachy and stuffed on the left side of my face, I still have a numb right side of my face, so it could feel this way and I do not know!!! I want to sleep laying down, not propped upright! I think we all know how terrible it is to sleep while stuffed up!

 The doctor gave me antibiotic, GREAT, but it does not help my stuffed up nose. Being on blood pressure medicine and Plavix, I can only take Coricidin, I can't stand this medicine, it knocks me out for the day and does not unstuff my nose.  I will not use it and I am fighting with my neti pot, I love my neti pot, but it only unstuffs me for a hot minute.

I talked to the doctor about medicine to take for the stuffy nose issue and she said Mucinex was a fine choice and does not interfere with my other medicines.  She told me it would not make me drowsy either... Now, it is not cheap, $20 at the local Walmart, but it worked and did not make me feel like my head was floating away.  I was happy that the doctor told me about the Mucinex... it's the little things that make up happy!

It is now 3 days from the day I went to the doctor and I feel about 50% better... I am work, getting down the stuff I missed on Friday, hiding from my co-workers...

I am not one to get sick, except for going big with strokes! Thank goodness for Alexander Fleming and his discovery of antibiotics!

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  1. This is great information for stroke survivors. I'll use it the next time a get a cold.