Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bigger Picture

I was a very materialist person.  Could not wait to have a girl, I was dress her head to toe in cuteness! Since learning through this illness, there is so much more out there to care about!

. family
. friends
. health
. laughter
. love
. knowledge
. being able to read
. walking
. romance
. music
. children
. spirituality
. kindness
. challenges
. forgiveness

What is your bigger picture?


  1. My big ah-ha moment was realizing I have a unique set of talents, experiences, and beliefs that can't be replaced if a stroke kills me.

  2. My husband had a stroke in January of this year, and it definitely put things in focus for me. I was so thankful he survived, and I became more thankful for my kids and family. We are thankful each day for every little gift, and for my husband's progress, even though it is S-L-O-W going at times!