Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yesterday I started working out at Curves. It is circuit training facility near my home.  It does not blow my mind at all, but I have a free 2 month membership for it, if I can keep up with their program, PJ will sign us all up for the YMCA.

I had a 60 year old trainer today, she was very nice.  I am used to the machines in the gym, these machines are very different, you need to use speed... I listened to what Barb told me, but I was distracted by her fingerless gloves.

At Curves you change machines every 30 minutes and walk/run in place in between using a machine.  It was a little boring, but I am in it to improve my body, which will boost my self esteem... I can do it!

Here is to Great Health!

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  1. I wish I could go back to Jazzercise because I loved being distracted by dancing to the music.