Thursday, December 1, 2011

I heart my iPod

A year ago, while having a stroke in Columbus, Ohio, I was staying in the Crowne Plaza hotel for a work training... when I left to go home, I left my iPod at the hotel and did not realize it until a week later (I was busy having a stroke!). 

My son got a new iPod and graciously gave me is iPod Nano... with his music on it, ehh, I had to load new music.
Well, after months, I finally have new songs on the iPod and I am so happy... (although, my son thought it would be funny to pack the device with Creed, I am not a fan!) I love to walk with my music!

There is a pedometer on it and counts my steps, I can't use it all day, it would kill the battery, but it great on walks... since I am trying to kill this extra weight.

I love you "little red iPod Nano"!

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