Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks!

I have so much to be thankful for and I will address my thanks, but first, Eloise had to write down what she was thankful for as a homework assignment and turn it in.  She was thankful for my mom, me, T.K., Papa, her dad, her grandpa and her Uncle.  What a great list, she was thankful all the people that love her.  Last year in preschool, she was thankful for Lily, the girl who she fought with ALL the TIME... it made us giggle!

As I think of the giving and thankful holiday, I don't think so much of the Pilgrims that took over the Indians land (the story not told in elementary school) but I think of all of what I am thankful:

I am ever so thankful for my mom, she is my angel nurse, even though we fight.
I am thankful for my children, all 5 of them, no one is a favorite.
... my dad
... my brother, why is he single, come ladies, he can do anything!
... Julie, my co-worker and friend
... Gloria and Cindy, my bosses
... my recovering health
... red wine (the only alcohol I can still enjoy)
... Sweet Walter Red Wine... the best!
... hot wings... why was I a vegetarian so long!?
... PJ, we have our ups and downs, but I see his big heart!
... Bob Radanich, I am so proud of his knee rehab!
... Molly and her fabulous daughters, I am so glad their are in my life again!
... my job, so glad I have one!
... the West Side Market, it helps me eat healthy!
... turkey, which I will try this year!
... I am thankful for my gimpy hand, it really bothers me, but reminds me of other who have no movement,
... I am thankful for my numb mouth, I can still talk!
... my Kindle, I like reading now!
... my brain, life is precious!

Why are you thankful?

Here is too hosting a great meal of family in our tiny house full of love this Thursday.  I love my family, and all of our dysfunctions!

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