Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shoulder Pain... oUcH!

I have a pain in my right shoulder... my right side is my special side. The pain is when my rotator cuff is located.  I am so sore in the morning and in the evening.  Tylenol helps the pain, but I do not want to rely on pills.  I do not recall when I would have injured my shoulder, I thought I must have pulled it, but me and physical activity do not go hand in hand lately!

I called the doctor, he said that post-stroke shoulder pain was common on the effected side of the body.  It does not happen to everyone, but it is mainly from me favoring my gimpy hand.  I guess I favor it... because it does not work!  The lack use causes the lack of use in my shoulder, which is causing the pain.

What can I do to make the pain go away... EXERCISE of course! I need to use it more, which kind of sucks, because I don't use my right hand very much... so I will be wiggling my shoulder all over the place while walking... I look H-O-T while walking in the neighborhood!

I could wear a brace to immobilize it, but I would rather put my shoulder to work, than to wear a nasty brace. Or I can get a massage to loosen up my tense muscles... that sounds nice.  I have researched what was said to me and I found a bunch of post-stroke shoulder pain research,crazy.

This stroke has been a pain in the butt... but now it has become a pain in the shoulder.

Here's to working my shoulder and getting results.

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