Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Curves, Yes... I have them, but this post is not about my chunky body.  I have tried Curves and have went 15 times and to be honest, I HATE IT.  It is just not for me, I really hate the circuit, it is 30 seconds at each station... too quick, give me a minute. I feel good when I leave, but it is not a match for me, I need a tread mill, an elliptical machine, Nautilus machines, a track, a pool... just like the YMCA. But damn the Y for being so expensive!  My doctor wants me to be more active, I have insurance, so I think Kaiser should pay for it, their slogan is "Thrive"!

Another reason I can't stand Curves it because I am the youngest person there, so what... I am not there to make new knitting friends... but when I signed up, I was HONEST and told the lady my health history, I am learning that the STROKE box on medical forms is the kiss of death... the first day I was there, I was on my first station and I hear.... "She is the one that all the strokes, keep an eye on her!" ... really, so all the other old ladies had to talk to me about how young I am to have a stroke and told me all about their health history... YUK! I just want to be Lori, chubby Lori who just wants to lose weight.  As the youngest Curves member, seen to me, I am now known as the "Stroke Gal"... really! (who says gal!?)

I would really like to join the YMCA, but I may just have to start using the high school's weigh room, it is free to the public from 7-9PM 5 nights a week and has everything I need, but the pool.

I have been walking, I like it... I like my iPod and talking to myself during the walks, you know you do it too.

I have been not eating after dinner, except I had 3 little pieces of a Willy Wonka caramel chocolate a few nights ago... no one's perfect.

The Y would be perfect... and it would be great for the whole family, too bad it costs so much money... but I will stick with working out my body and being more active the whole year.

Oh, my fabulous brother got me a Pilate's ring for Christmas, it is my favorite.  I use it every morning, it is great for stretching!

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