Wednesday, January 18, 2012


All I can think of is Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles, singing I'm so Tired! I am so tired, the fatigue is getting better, but I went two college visits with my son over the weekend.  An official visit to The University or Akron for 3 days and Walsh University on MLK Day.  I am ever so happy my son get the opportunity to get play collage football (for FREE!!!!!!! YIPPY!!!!!), but I am no spring chick any longer and I am a stroke survivor... so these were very long days for me!

The U. of Akron visit was very fun.  My dad came along too, which was nice, we stayed at a Hilton Hotel, but there was no rest... it was like being on a planned activity vacation... no rest, just go... go... go! Steak dinners, tours of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, bowling, basketball games, football watching on TV, prime rib, breakfasts... it was great! Now if only Akron will offer a scholarship to him, then it will be perfect for T.K.. We will find out by this weekend.

When we went to Walsh University, it is a small school and did not roll out the red carpet, but he would get a great education here. I was a fan. The walking tour after 3 days at a bigger school, really tired me out.  But I was a super trooper for my son and I can't be any prouder of him!

We are off to Findlay University tomorrow, all of these school have offered him full scholarships for football.  I am excited to be able to watch him play football at the college level and even more happy that he will not have loans.

I am a little bummed that he turned down Fairmont State University in West Virginia, but this is his choice, not mine.

I am looking forward to this weekend and being able to catch up on some rest... once again, I rocked my energy level this week for my boy and did a good job pushing my limits!

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