Friday, March 16, 2012

Speaking Up

So, I have never been a quiet person, even as a child, but I can be a passive type person or a non-confrontational person... I am a talkative avoidance person I guess... BUT, not since the stokes, let me tell you I stick up for myself now and my people... no more getting bullied at work, the market, the bank, PTA, etc... Two days ago, a coworker was being pushed around by a selfish co-worker, I spoke up... it did no good, but the next day when the rude co-worker tried to tell me she was right, I stood up and let her know just how WRONG and SELFISH she was to the other co-worker.  I did not back down and got the point across, it was not her point... but I said everything I needed to say.  I would have NEVER of had done this 18 months ago!  I think something got knocked around in my brain to assist me growing confidence!

I am not in the office's clique... but I don't care... but I certainly let my department know that bullying is frowned upon in this office and I advocate this from this day on...

Where did this new Lori come from... bring it on bullies!



  1. Good for you!! I love this blog! Hello friends, We finally have our blog up and running. We would love for you to check it out and/or subscribe. We enjoyed writing articles for Stroke Connection Magazine, (Nov. Dec. '06, "The Grief Process," and Jan. Feb. '12, "Surviving With A Positive Attitude.") We are excited about the release of our new book! Hope to see you soon! Dave Nassaney & Charlene Nassaney

    1. Thank you so much! Writing has been a therapeutic process. I have read your blog and now have to read your book. Thanks for stopping by! Love, Lori