Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Babies are Growing Up!

I have two graduations this week... TK is graduating from high school and tomorrow Eloise is graduating from kindergarten!
He did like me taking this photo, but it was his last day of high  school ever!

Wow, two great milestones for both of the kids!

So proud of them... my Kindergarten grad and High School grad!

I am in love with this photo... they are getting along and I love their size difference! I have awesome children and so blessed to be a stroke survivor to be in their lives!

It has been a wild ride through this school year for me, I still feel a little like the village idiot at times, send out many emails with questions for teachers and principals and I am happy to say I got all of TK's things in on time for graduation, plus he got a 5 year scholarship at the University of Findlay!  I am so blessed that I am here to share all of this happiness with my children!  I also love the teachers at Avon Lake High School for always having my back if anything was late, I lost just about everything and always being there for TK during my recovery and still today!

I have learned to read better with Eloise and she is a great reader due to all of the reading we have done together, she is a great speech therapist for me and TK has and is doing a great job motivating me to exercise and get this gimpy body moving!

I am going to be a mushy pile of goo this weekend and I am not mentally ready for this and with not having a short term memory, I can't prepare for this... the the tears will be flowing!

I am a proud mama, a mama that is still kicking recovery's butt and lucky to be here to share these special days with my children and family!

More milestone news is that my step-daughter Emma is moving from Elyria, Ohio to Eugene, Oregon to go to school... PJ and her will be driving out to Oregon together in 2 weeks, I will miss her so much.  When TK goes to college at the U. of Findlay, it will be only 2 hours away.

Eloise and Emma... sister love!
My babies are growing up!

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