Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caine's Arcade

My career is an Afterschool Specialist, I work with afterschool programs in schools and private programs to had quality and educational programs.  One of my passions is STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math... or informal science to sum it up.

As a stroke survivor, I love informal science... it is all about giving students materials and seeing what they can do with them, this is now what I do on a daily basis!

I have trainings with teachers and show them how to do STEM activities with their youth, such as Balloon-powered cars, Balls and Tracks (or making roller-coasters), Straw Rockets and Cake Chemistry to name a few.

Well, I fell upon this video about a boy name Caine and as an educator I see it as a STEM video, it is fabulous and I share this with my trainees... but, as a stroke survivor, I see it very inspiring, this young boy from East LA takes the materials he has and makes an awesome arcade, it did not go above his means and triumphed using his own skills.  I am moved my Caine, his imagination, passion and ability to try new things.

I hope you are moved by the Caine's Arcade video also! I love it and glad this film maker found Caine and his cardboard arcade.

Go Caine!

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  1. You are cordially invited to join my blog as I have yours. My wife had a series of strokes earlier this year and required a operation on her heart. I am disabled myself and love your attitude. Would love to have you come by. continued good luck with your recovery and your life. the rat