Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Power of your Thoughts

The focus of your attention expands whatever you focus on. That can either hurt you greatly or help you largely.

Your complaints give more power and presence to whatever you complain about. Your love, on the other hand, gives more substance to whatever you love.

As I say all of this, I am such a complainer and really trying to focus on the positive. All of my health issues could have really put me in a rut, but I carry on, I am so tired some days, but I smile, I want to hide in my room, but I go to the park, I want to cry, which I usually will do, but I try tobe positive.

Put the focus of your attention not on what you wish to avoid. Instead, direct your attention toward where you would like your life to go. (Easier said than done!!!)

Your thoughts have great power. So frame those thoughts in a positive way that will put their power to work for you.

The more you think you are, the more you are. What you do flows surely and steadily from what you think, so keep your thoughts focused on your dreams.

Give life to your best intentions by giving the power of your thoughts to them. Make your dreams real by keeping them constantly in your thoughts.

I have recently made a huge change in my life, it was so very hard, but I feel like a huge boulder has been lifted off of my chest, I also asked for the help, BOY, it was hard to get the words out of my mouth, but as I thought about the help I needed, the negative thoughts were eating em alive... SO, I took a shot at asking for the help, it was hard, I cried, but P.J. (my boyfriend) is standing by me and helping my budget...I am now cut off from Walmart.

Think positive, it does your mind and body good!

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