Sunday, September 4, 2011

10 Second Tom...

Did you ever watch Tom Hanks play "Mr. Short Term Memory Man" on Saturday Night Live... it is older sketch, late 1980's.  He had like a 10 second memory.  I feel like this lately, although, my short term memory has improved since suffering the strokes, but I am driving myself and other nuts!

So many tell me, "It happens to me all the time." or "It comes with age."... I know all of these folks are being kind, but this happened to them slowly, not all at once.

I am getting better by writing everything down.  Post Its are a God-send, they can be stuck anywhere!  I also highlight my work calendar all over the place!  I have also learned to write in pencils, I am not a pencil fan, being left handed.... Lefties tend to smear pencil, but pencil erases all my many mistakes.

I will get everything in place, just before I finally lose my memory due to older age! (giggle!)

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