Monday, September 5, 2011

Taste Buds!

I was a vegetarian fir over twenty years, only eating fish, I like fish, so I ate it.  I was never a fan of meat, I did not like it's texture or taste. Chicken and pork were just nasty to me... bacon smelled yummy and I made tofu bacon BLTs, but I could never eat stringy/bony chicken!

I did start eating beef once I had Eloise, I was very anemic and did not want a blood transfusion, so I agreed to eat red meat once a week, mainly putting ground beef into spaghetti sauce or Red Robin burgers!

A big win to my taste buds was chocolate... love me some chocolate anything! Almond M&Ms, Heath bars, Hersey Kisses, YUM! Not much of a sweet sugary candy eater.

I was a happy veg-head/chocoholic! ... then I had the Strokes!

I first started craving steak... Slim and Chubby's in Cleveland makes a great steak and has an awesome special on Mondays, I was craving steak and making them for lunch!

About 6 weeks into recovery, I starting thinking about chicken, I really dislike chicken!  About a week later, I decided to cook tenders... I took a bite and LOVED it! I made them the next day too!

Bacon is also AWESOME, so much better than tofu bacon, which I still can enjoy.  I still do not pork, besides the bacon (which is just crispy yumminess!) and I don't like turkey, it has a heavy taste.

Gyros are the bomb! ... but the best ever are HOT WINGS! I am currently having a love affair with hot wings.  First I loved the boneless wings, which are still AWESOME, but I have recently learned how to eat the boned hot wings... fabulous! Who would have thought BW3's fabulous sauces were good on chicken, not just on fries!

The best wings I have had are ZZ Bog Top's in Avon, Ohio... love them and dream about them!  It may be that I like the spiciness of the sauces, because I can feel my numb mouth when I eat spicy foods, but the total package is so satisfying!

Do I feel bad about eating and so so so so enjoying it, I thought I would, but I just love it.  I just try not to think about all the cruel things I know about the meat industry and buy free range chickens.

I am not a veg-head any longer, but I still love my veggies and tofu... I am just well-rounded!

Now, talking chocolate, it does nothing for me anymore... I do like a smore' or the occasional peanutbutter cup, but I am a sweet girl now, jaw breakers, bubble gum, lemon drops....

I am a weird-O!

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