Monday, September 12, 2011

Blinded with Science

You all know about my fatique... I loathe this fatigue and have to plan around it... napping and an early bed time are very helpful. So when I was off to Columbus for a 3 day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) training, I was a bit nervous, this was my biggest venture away since the strokes! 

I was was nervous about my attention span for the three days, it is a short short attention span!

These STEM trainings, which are designed for school age students, are very hands on activities, I finished Balls and Tracks on Wednesday, I created rollercoaster like tracks with tubing and rolled marbles through them... I was POOPED thst night, but carried on and went out with my co-workers and the trainer, Charlie (he is an awesome guy from England!). I was ready for bed that night!

I completed the next two days of trainings... Heating a house, Sinking and Floating and Cake Chemistry... I also love this creative and fun Science trainings, it gets me excited about Science and I am not a huge fan.

I skipped out on the bonding dinner on Thursady evening and went for a swim, it was lovely.

By Friday evening, I was tired and did not want to make the 2 and a half drive home, but I did it and was at work on Saturday morning before 8AM for our agency's annual fundraiser.

I really hate being this tired, but I was pushed last wwek and survived!

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  1. I think you did amazing! That was a lot and a fundraiser the next morning? Wow.
    I have gone two a couple of stem events with my girl guides and have the badges to show it. Very worthwhile events to take girls too. I did a robotics event post stroke that would have been awesome if I had been doing a bit better at the time.

    Linda in Canada