Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lori and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

I work up this morning in a good mood, it was "Teacher jumper Tuesday", which I just thought of at about 5 AM!  I started water for my lemon tea while getting dressed and picked up Julie, my car pool partner in crime, after kissing my kids off to school.

My very, horrible day started after I discovered I forgot my sponge paint brush, which I needed for a work project, we are putting on a "life sized" Candyland game for a fundraiser... he is what my Peppermint Forest looks like so far.

Then I had learned that I could not be a presenter at an upcoming conference and go to a training out of town, remember that I did not turn off my tea pot, P.J. was home and turned it off after the lid melted into the pot (so very SAD!), could not do my reports, due to our MIS department, I did not know where I was staying out of town tomorrow and then co-workers were on my nerves! I took many big breathes during the day!

My speech was really off today which was also getting under my skin and started to stress me out... I felt like I looked like this with my slurred speech!

Just venting, I know that tomorrow is another day! (But some days just really suck and I had stuttering!)


  1. I haven't figured out what you do for a living yet.. but it kind of looks like you work at the North Pole.

  2. Hey Woman!! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the week, I know I did "Because I won LOL" Great seeing you!

  3. I had a great weekend, I had the hottest box!