Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am posting a little late, but it has been one year since I had a stroke! It is a new year for me and I am so happy to be here and sharing my thoughts with you!

I have learned that you say, "Happy Birthday" to survivors... I like this idea and supports my thoughts on being a survivor and not a victim. I really do not like when friends, family or acquaintances refer to me as a stroke victim, which is very common... a lesson learned by me to never to call a cancer survivor a victim either.

I have had a CrAzY year to say the least... I had to re-learn to read, (very challenging as an adult), re-learn to write, re-learn my basic life information, figure out how to use my gimpy hand on a daily basis, figure out how to drink with a common cup with a numb mouth, learn to overcome StReSs, learn to get rest when my body and mind need it and learn to be a healthier me.

I never want to have another brain trauma... ever!

I am dealing with the weight I am gaining, but not well, so as a birthday gift to my brain, I am going to incorporate physical activity into my daily routine... if a stroke didn't kill me, this weight will... I need to shed it, I really hate it!

I love my family and friends that have put up with me, mainly my mom... she is my angel! Julie at work, Molly for being back in my life and making me laugh, T.K. for growing up a little too quickly while being there for me... I could not have healed without my superstars.

The medical bills are still there, I still have doctor appointments and I still have residuals... but I am here and happy.

I did it; I rehabbed myself to be better, not the old Lori, but a new, different Lori that I love so much!

I did not make myself a cake... maybe I will make one on Thanksgiving! 

Happy (re)Birthday to me!

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