Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mischief the Elf

I do not know if you had an ELF ON THE SHELF or not during Christmas, but we did and it was so much fun! It was something I have about from many "yuppy" like mothers, the kind I like to trip in the grocery store... but due to Kindergarten peer pressure, I got one for Eloise.

He was cheesy and looked like a $2.99 Elf, but NO... he was a 30 dollar elf that came with a book! Since most of Eloise's pals at school had an elf, she haddddddddd to have one too.  So while at Barnes and Noble, I let her get one... a blue eyed, light haired elf (just an FYI... they have dark skin elves too!).

Eloise named her elf Mischief, since she wanted a trouble maker of an elf.  See, the elf, Mischief sits somewhere in your house and keeps an eye on your children... then each night before Christmas, he flies back to the North Pole and reports Eloise's behavior to Santa... I can't believe my Eloise wanted someone like this... if you know Eloise, she is the mischief!

Well, the elf does not move by itself, I had to remember each night to move him, and with not having a strong short term memory, it was a difficult task.  At first, it was a pain, but T.K. and I really had fun moving the elf every night... we got silly with it.  The funniest place was in the freezer!  Every morning, Eloise would look for Mischief.... and once Santa had a write a note to her reminding her to be on her best behavior... she listened to the litter... since it was from Santa!

 My friend's husband plays Santa and when I Eloise went and saw him, he said he likes talking to Mischief at night about Eloise's days... this blew her mind!

Well, Mischief had to go back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with Santa and he will return some time after Halloween (if I remember)... but it was kind of sad, we had more fun than Eloise finding him each day, than we had hiding him.  Good times and great Christmas memories!

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