Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day by Day

For some reason this has been very hard to learn... "day by day".

I want things right now. I am a hard worker, but I am a person who likes instant gratification, a sad trait.

Having a stroke has really made "day by day" stick.  I had to work hard to get my right hand have the little movement it has, I have had to work hard to learn to read once again, I have had to work hard to learn to write again... learn my number again, increase my memory, increase my memory (hehehehe), etc...  It has been a long  14 months, but I have grown so much... the little things that bother me, I am letting them go, I worry about my own problems before other's issues, I have learned to say "no" (which is so very hard to do!) and I take time for myself.  I may not have the social life I had before, but I like spending "me" time... the knitting, beading and walking I do are therapeutic and are helping me heal and get stronger.

Day by Day...  I am increasing my knowledge of this statement, day by day.

My special and strong willed right hand!
My lovely left hand, she has been a trooper !

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  1. I can count on my fingers and toes how many years I have left to live so I don't have long-term goals any more. I'm into short-term gratification.